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Anomaly Defenders Release date!

by Oscar Venturaon May 26, 2014
Finally! 11 bit Studios set a release date for their final installment in the Anomaly Series; Anomaly Defenders.

Keep an eye out: Anomaly Defenders

by Oscar Venturaon May 9, 2014
11 bit studios has been really awesome to the DRUL crew, and treated us nice during our PAX East visit. We got a chance to demo Anomaly Defenders and we approve!

11 Bit Studios making changes to the genre, Reversed Tower Offense!

by Oscar Venturaon April 9, 2014
Our good friends over at 11 Bit Studios came out with a ‘training video’ showing off their newest tower defense game, Anomaly Defenders!

FREE Soundtracks via 11 bit studios!

by Oscar Venturaon January 31, 2014
The creators behind the Anomaly series, as well as some of my favorite mobile games like Funky Smugglers and Sleepwalker’s Journey; 11 bit studios is releasing free music!

Humble Bundle – Mobile edition!

by Oscar Venturaon February 11, 2012
Well, technically its the Android edition, but because Android is awesome, and so is everyone behind the Humble Bundle, they decided to release it for pretty much everything! For anyone who isn’t sure about what the Humble Bundle is, check out their site, its self explanatory but to sum it up, you pay what you […]