FREE Soundtracks via 11 bit studios!


The creators behind the Anomaly series, as well as some of my favorite mobile games like Funky Smugglers and Sleepwalker’s Journey; 11 bit studios is releasing free music!

The composer of all of the tracks Piotr Musial decided to share his work with all of us! This time however not within the game, instead he took to just giving the soundtracks away. With companies like Humble Bundle adding the soundtracks to the majority of their bundles, it’s sometimes nice to just have them on the official site too, why not?

Here is what Piotr had to say about working with 11 bit studios:

What I really like about working with 11 bit studios, is that they keep feeding me with different musical challenges. The Anomaly series soundtracks, that we started our collaborations with are orchestral-synth hybrids, full of dynamic moments , wicked electronic sounds, ethnic instruments and big drums. Sleepwalker’s Journey required completely different kind of music, so a soothing lullaby album, with piano, celesta and bells was a fruit of my work. And of course, if I’d be to pick a game, I had most fun scoring so far, that would be Funky Smugglers. The fact that it resulted in an album with vocals and stuff, was a surprise to myself too. I used to be kind of a sworn enemy of vocal music until that moment.
I wish I could say that we are working on an absolutely exciting game now, and that it will again be musically different than their previous games, and that there is a lot to expect from, but you know – professional confidentiality 😉

Also, does this mean we could be seeing a new 11 bit studios game coming soon? He mentioned they throw him different challenges, and he teases his ‘confidentiality’ as well. Can’t wait 11 bit! I’m sure it’ll be impressive as usual!

You can find more of his work via

and you can downlaod all of the soundtracks in your choice of FLAC or MP3 for Anomaly Warzone Earth/Korea and Anomaly 2, Funky Smugglers, and Sleepwalker’s Journey all on their official page; Soundtracks


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