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11 bit studios Super Secret New Game!

by on February 25, 2013

The studio behind great titles such as the Anomaly series, Sleepwalker’s Journey, and Funky Smugglers tease us with a trailer and a announcement date.

Bold move on their part, why? Well, they are asking for people to pre-order their game before even announcing anything on the game!

For a fan of the studio, chances are pretty high that you will end up getting it. I mean, its 50% off, so why not?

Even if you want to wait until Thursday for the full announcement of the game, to be sure that you would enjoy it, the game is only $15, so its not much for a new project from a great studio.

Their previous games have been great, and I instantly jumped on this sale, the teaser trailer (below) looks great as well!

For more information visit 11bitstudios.com

If your interested pre order before the 28th, this way you get it half off!