DRULCast #27 – Look! They’re back!

Before even explaining anything, I’d like to really say sorry for the quality of the audio on this one. The old way of recording was extremely annoying and we’re trying out a few new ways to get the deed done. This method was the best solution but then we add my crappy mic, and we have a bit of an dilemma. Once again, sorry!

Moving forward, this wont happen again, as the problem was figured out after the fact that we had already been recording.

This episode was quite strange, as it has a few ideas that we’ve been talking about in it but implemented completely differently than expected but it worked out just fine!

Give it a listen and maybe you’ll spot what I’m talking about!

Oh and there is a new way to enjoy the DRULcast! We’re uploaded some Battle Block Theater game play alongside the audio of the podcast, so if you want to watch something while you listen in, here is the video!

Hosted by
Oscar Ventura

Oscar is an avid gamer of many genres. He does not prefer board over video, as long as everyone is having a good time. Preferably over some beers, and wings.

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