Bake N’ Switch | PAX East 2020

How much dough can you sacrifice to the Guardians of Dough before they get taken over by the mold? Well, during PAX East 2020 Streamline Games was in attendance with Bake ‘n Switch, a cute couch co-op and PVP game where you help combine dough...

Fall Guys | PAX East 2020

With battle royale games making their mark in the gaming world, let us not forget the original battle royale, as a matter of fact, it wasn’t even a video game, it was a TV show! Most Extreme Elimination Challenge! A dubbed over game show from...


Nanotale | PAX East 2020

When I saw that Nanotale from Fishing Cactus was going to be at PAX East, I was extremely excited to demo this game because it is in the same family of their first game, Epistory which I enjoyed so much. Nanotale featured many of the same familiar...


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