Bread and Fred | PAX East 2023

Oz’s Thoughts

There are many games out there that id recommend playing with your significant other…but this one, ain’t it! Bread and Fred is a true test of your patience and communication skills with whoever you decide to play with. The funny part is that the alternate option of playing solo means you’re climbing mountains with a rock attached to your penguin. The goal of the game is to reach the mountain top, during our demo the top of the level was capped at 120 ft but it’s not about the destination, it’s all about the journey.

The peaceful music counterbalances the absolute rage you experience when playing co-op. The addition of a countdown timer also helps for those online sessions when your teammate is unable to speak to you. From swinging your counterpart from one platform to the next, there is a moment of zen when you finally complete a section of a level that you’ve been trying for a while. That small hit of joy is what you’re constantly chasing just to feel accomplished. A key feature of Bread and Fred is that you can plant a checkpoint and have another NPC (Shout out to our homie Charlie!) pick you up from where you landed and take you back up to where you last planted a flag. In testing I also noticed that you’re unable to plant a flag by mistake if you’ve fallen, so you can only plan them when you’ve reached new heights. Having an unlimited amount of them also helps out tremendously. We had an absolute blast with the dev team running through what we could during our scheduled play, even getting some tricks to literally jump through obstacles just to experience what some of the other more difficult spots look like. I’ll tell you now, Ren and I would definitely not be able to do this. Between myself counting down from 3, Ren counting up to 3, and both of us refusing to jump on Go! We’re both destined to break a couple of controllers. That being said, however, there is something about this game that makes me want to play it, and figure out the tricks to speed run through it because I’m sure there are plenty!

Ren’s Thoughts

Bread and Fred is a rage game where you have to work with a partner to successful get through the tasked mission. You will jump and climb over 150 meters but falling is not an option. With a partner you can alternate anchoring each other with the rope with maintain your friendship. This is a rage game if I have ever seen one. Collaborating was a great idea by the creators, two penguins trying to work themselves to the top where climbing, jumping, falling repeatedly are part of the game. The lofi hip hop music works hard to keep you and your partner calm as you play. There is a feature where you can have the game guide when to jump that does make the game much easier than you and your partner counting 1..2..3 and the other counting 3..2..1..which leads to the rage part of this game. This game was built to help see how you work together in real life and how far that can help you get into the game. The mechanics of the games are very smooth and straight to the point. If you want to test your friendship and play a rager of a game this is the game for you. Just have a mediator close by or at least a phone call away. This game has a free demo and is wishlist on steam and local play only for now. If you do want to play solo you can play with a rock as well. Bread & Fred (and sometimes a rock).


Other Info:

Demo is available now via Steam!

SandCastles Studio
Apogee Entertainment

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