Friends vs Friends | PAX East 2023

At its core, Friends vs Friends is a truly fun first person shooter that’s easy to pick up and play. Sprinkle in modifier cards that any player can activate on the fly, and it results in unpredictable mayhem in every match with a high degree of replayability. It’s so good that DRULcast chose it as Best Multiplayer Game at PAX East 2023!

Jump In And Play

The best way to get started with Friends vs Friends is jump in and play. Whether using keyboard + mouse or a controller, Friends vs Friends will immediately feel familiar for any FPS player. Movement and gunplay is well tuned resulting in every fight feeling fair and balanced. Although once two new players start to settle in is when the recipe for mayhem starts to brew. Players will choose 1 of over 10 characters. Each character has an ability. Although, don’t think of an ability as an ultimate move. Abilities are more like gameplay modifiers such as explosion resistant, move faster, or start with a particular weapon. After players feel comfortable with their character choice, it’s time to strategically choose cards that’ll buff their player, nerf an enemy, or more neutral modifiers like nuke the map and reset spawns.

What Cards Can Do

Currently there are over 50 cards that are unlocked through progression. No microtransactions for unlocking cards, or gaining a competitive edge – EVER. Each card has a point cost, and the total for all cards can only be 50 points. So if nuking the map, buffing health, and giving an enemy a big head costs 10 points, then 40 points will remain for other cards. The stronger the effect of the card, the more points it costs.

A lot of FPS players enjoy modifiers from low grav to instagib, modifiers keep multiplayer shooters fresh. Friends vs Friends takes a different approach. Instead of choosing a list of modifiers before a match that affects all players, each player has a deck of cards that can be activated at anytime. What cards are in the deck, and how the deck is arranged is important. Starting off the match will supply a player with access to their first 5 cards. Every round after that grants the next 3 cards in the deck. Some strategies could include activating strong cards first, like buff your health and poison your enemy. Or maybe a player will want to rely on their raw skills first, and if a match goes into later rounds, then buff their character or nerf their enemy. The great thing is anything is possible, meaning replay value is through the roof. This also creates a strategy component to the game.

When’s It Out & What Platforms

Developed by Brainwash Gang and Published by Raw Fury, Friends vs Friends release date is slated for 2023. Target platforms are PC and consoles.

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