Valari Pillow | PAX East 2023

A pillow for gaming, wait, what?! Indeed, I was surprised too! Valari Pillow provides support in all the right places while improving posture and reducing fatigue.

The great guys at Valari knew the best way to understand their unique pillow is to experience it for yourself. So they setup a living room vibe right on the show floor of PAX East. A 3 person couch, big TV, and PS5 with Dragon Ball FighterZ. Naturally when playing a competitive game, whether sitting on the couch or at a desk, we lean forward. Resulting in poor posture with our elbows resting on top of our knees. This is where the effects of Valari Pillow are immediately noticeable. Because of the pillow’s thickness, it creates a buffer between the top of your knees and where your arms rest. You’ll instantly feel more comfortable and relaxed, while still being 100% engaged in the match.

Valari Pillow is also helpful if you’re interacting with a mobile device or Nintendo Switch. Your arms will be perfectly positioned so your neck won’t be as severely bent to see the device. We even enjoyed just sitting in a chair with Valari Pillow wrapped around our waist. By taking the weight off your arms, you’ll feel less fatigued after binge watching every episode of your favorite show.

Valari Pillow Posture Example
Valari Pillow Posture Example from

Valari Pillow is currently available in two versions, Legendary and Rare. Legendary has a premium material with an option for embroidered designs like Master Chief. Rare is a more suede like design with solid colors (no embroidery). Coming soon is an Epic Edition that will allow full customization from an embroidered logo, your gamertag, along with upper and lower custom colors. If you’re unsure about which version you’d like, the outer covers are fully swappable.

For more information on Valari Pillow, check out Valari Pillow official website

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