Undisputed | PAX East 2023

It’s been over 10 years since we last got a boxing game, and with the sport gaining traction in the content creator space, the timing of the announcement of this game couldn’t have come at a better time.

Getting to experience this game at PAX East was a reminder of why we enjoy versus gaming. Sure you have your action cartoony fighting games, but there is just something different about seeing actual fighters facing off in this classic sport.

Seeing legends like Ali on the screen, with long introductions (of course skippable) with the nostalgic announcers introducing you, something just hit different. Noticing the blemishes on the fighter’s faces as the rounds go on was one of my favorite features. The red on the face stands out so much, the sweat being punched off the fighter’s body, and the multitude of punch combinations make some great tactics. Getting knocked out is no joke either, the screen flashes and a vignette starts to appear as you are slowly fading out making it feel immersive. Strategizing your hits and blocks to your footwork to best maximize your stamina is the key to victory.

Get more information on the game via Twitter – https://twitter.com/PlayUndisputed

Publisher/Developer: Steel City Interactive


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