Xbox One Feature Wish List

I’ve enjoyed the first couple months with Xbox One. Microsoft says dashboard updates and fixes are on the way, but they haven’t been too specific. Here’s a list of items that I’d like to see fixed or added to current functionality.

Game DVR

  • Let me tag people
  • Let me share videos only with a select few people on my friends list. Since the videos will be more private, they can have more freedom in their content/voice over
  • Record from Kinect’s microphone while it is recording gameplay. So when something crazy happens and I yell, cry, or my voice cracks, that genuine moment is in the recorded game clip

Dashboard / Apps

  • Allow an app to be completely removed from run queue. I don’t care if I have a blank spot
  • Let me completely close an app. Quitting the app is not enough, I want it to completely go away and for it to lose its state, so when I open it, it is just on the ‘home screen’

If I open Game DVR by loading a clip, every time I open Game DVR thereafter (until it gets kicked out of the run queue), will open with that clip. Sometimes a clip might be problematic, for instance, the one I was trying to access is no longer available, which will set you off into an infinite, “This clip is not available” loop.

Achievements / Challenges

  • Seeing what achievement you just unlocked is a huge chore. I like the fancy pictures and everything, but it just takes too long
  • I like the challenges but they expire too quick

Auto Updates

  • I wish I knew what it is always downloading. After I turn off my console, it’ll stay in low power mode just downloading (or uploading) away. I remember it said that there’s a 6.6 GB patch for Forza, maybe it only downloads a little bit at a time?


  • If I say, “Xbox Go Home”, X1 will go home and continue listening for another command. At this point, I should be able to say, “Go to Settings”, and it should go to settings. However, it doesn’t go to settings, because I have to say “Xbox Go to Settings”. Why? After the initial ‘Xbox’, I should be able to spit out short commands as long as it is listening.

truOZ Edit

In addition to everything Jack has pointed out, here are some of my requests.


  • A form of battery indicator for those w/ the Play and Charge kit.
  • For my controller not to ‘Restart’ when I unplug the Play and Charge wire.


  • When I join a party, automatically ‘Turn on Party Chat’, I mean…that’s why I joined…
  • Have ‘Favorite’ Friends pop as a Notification when they sign on.
  • Show me via WEB or APP what my friends are playing, instead of displaying: “Playing Xbox One”.
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