DRULcast #235 – 300 Orbs Later

Oz completes a challenge within a challenge while Jack unlocks an achievement that he’s been hunting for years. Check the show notes for more!

235: 300 Orbs Later [ 24:43 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (400)

DRULcast #175 – Achievement War 2017

GAMES FILLED EPISODE! This week Oz and Jack discuss the Achievement War for 2017 where anyone can join! On the Windows 10 Xbox App, or directly from your Xbox One, join the DRULcast Club and see how you pair up with the guys! One of us played a...


DRULcast #98 – Spam & Digital Sellout

The week has gone by which can only mean there is a new episode available! Jack and Oz discuss a few happenings around the gaming industry as well as a few games that caught them by surprise. DRULcast #98 - Spam & Digital Sellout [ 30:31 ] Play...

Xbox One Feature Wish List

I’ve enjoyed the first couple months with Xbox One. Microsoft says dashboard updates and fixes are on the way, but they haven’t been too specific. Here’s a list of items that I’d like to see fixed or added to current...

drulcast 43 episode image

DRULcast #43 – Achieved

Jack returns to give us some insights in his trip to Las Vegas, NV for the Consumer Electronic Show (CES)!

DRULcast #43 – Achieved [ 29:05 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (112)

(I Hate) Xbox One Challenges

Achievements changed the way I play games. And I’m going to blame my achievement hunter mentality for my ridiculously large backlog. Challenges aren’t going to change the way I play games, but they will definitely increase the amount of...

Games You Might Have Missed: Tenchu Z

What’s up fellow DRUL’ers, today I’m bringing you Tenchu Z, which debuted early the 360’s life. Tenchu Z has you take on the role of an Iga ninja working under Rikimaru, the series actual lead character, and undergoing...