Xbox Launches Personalized Stats

I was periodically checking my email when I noticed a new Xbox email. The subject was, “sho220, here’s your personalized Xbox News and Info”. Curious to see what it was, I opened it and I liked what I saw. I’m a stat fiend, so seeing a few simple stats made me smile.

So what’d you do last month? Check the email associated with your Xbox Live account to see!

There are other services (Raptr) which will track your most played games in hours. However, Raptr will not track your overall time on Xbox Live. Also, even though it’s a marketing plot, seeing when your membership expires is nice to know. But even without any additions, the monthly Xbox newsletter just got a lot more exciting 🙂

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  • Haha I just came on to post about this! Beat me to it, I love the stats they put out here, definitely cant wait to get my next one.
    truOZ xbox stats

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