Wordament now on the WEB!

Ever play Ruzzle on your phone? or maybe even Boggle? Well now how about playing a word game similar to those but against the INTERNET!
Welcome to the world of Wordament! Where you play words within a two minute time frame, scoring points on the board based off the letter tiles in similar fashion to Scrabble.

The goal is to beat the rest of the players scores, but it’s really difficult to compete with some players, down below you can see the scores of everyone around the world playing with you, not my best game but to my defense I was mostly gunning for some screen shots!

You are able to play offline without a Xbox Live account, but there are FREE ACHIEVEMENTS! So log in, and start earning! There are 10 achievements, for a total of 50 GamerScore. The first 9 achievements you can get quickly, but its the 100 rounds that will take you a while.

Have fun playing! Chances are I’ll see you on there!

Hosted by
Oscar Ventura

Oz plays Rocket League and is very bad at it, but at least he tries. As long as there are games to talk about, he's in his happy place.

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