Why I Cancelled Loot Crate!


Identifying yourself as a nerd or geek is now easier than ever. Which is ironic, because just a few years ago, nerds were the kids that were constantly made fun of.

Years ago, almost every movie had your typical nerd in a locker cliché. Today, shows like The Big Bang Theory challenge everything we were fed about nerd culture, and suddenly being a nerd is the new ‘cool’.

My experience with Loot Crate has been wonderful, they provide a wonderful service and it’s extremely affordable. Unfortunately I had to unsubscribe and pull myself out of that loop. Now you may be wondering why I would leave something good, the answer is quite simple, I’m not that nerd. Let me explain.

In high school, I would be the one searching for awesome graphic tees featuring my favorite video games, movies, quotes, etc. I would also be the one looking for that one unique toy or gadget that others didn’t easily have access to. The uniqueness of every t-shirt I owned fully represented me. In other words, my unique t-shirts caught the attention of people I wanted to surround myself with. I mean, really? Who else would buy a Gears of War t-shirt if not a fan of the game? People who engaged me because of what I wore, were the people Ijunecrate-mcprime wanted to associate myself with. Think about it as an ice breaker, “Hey man! Awesome shirt! Where did you get it?” That was pretty much the start of an instant friendship.

The past few Loot Crates this year that offered t-shirts, like the June Crate (Transform) which featured the ‘Time Traveller, Marty McPrime’ design. A wonderful design that got a laugh out of me, I figured this is awesome, can’t wait to wear it!

Days later (wearing the shirt) I walked into an arts and crafts store and there was the clerk just giggling as I approached to pay. I shrugged it off as ‘this guy has issues’ but then he says, “Dude, I have that shirt too! Loot Crate right?” I answered, ‘yes’, and went on my way. I go to a different store that same day, walk by the electronics section, and there’s another guy wearing the same shirt! We locked eyes and smiled, because we both knew we were members of the Loot Crate family. Is this who I want to be known as? I’m supposed to be the hunter of non-common t-shirts! But now I’m becoming another member of the Loot Crate family. maycrate

Another example of why I started to dislike my loot, is when I wore the May Crate (Adventure) Link t-shirt.

Those who know me, understand my love for The Legend of Zelda. So opening the crate only to see a Link shirt, yeah, I was ecstatic! That was until a friend had said, “Oh yeah, my sister got that in her Loot Crate too!” Was I bothered that my friend’s sister has the same shirt? Nope. I was bothered by a picture painted by my imagination, thousands of Loot Crate subscribers wearing the same shirt at the same time. It irked me! All of a sudden, I’ve become the ‘common’ nerd, and I hate the feeling!

I consider Loot Crate as a common drop in this RPG called life. I rather farm for the rares! I’ve had enough of these encounters!

Now that’s not to say I will no longer wear any of the aforementioned t-shirts, but I’d rather not be that guy who goes to a convention looking like a clone.

What you really want to do is stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression. Cast that AOE spell on those around you and check out The Area of Effect. While you’re there, be sure to pick up my first ever design, theMAGE!

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