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DRULcast #168 – With You!

by Oscar Venturaon December 6, 2016
This week Oz goes on a spiritual journey through a few stores in order to find a meaningful item. Jack stresses over Gears of War 4 Horde with friends, then we briefly discuss award shows, one in particular but who cares…

DRULcast #147 – Post E3 and more!

by Oscar Venturaon June 21, 2016
Jack and Oz catch up after all of the E3 mayhem, discuss what was trending and also what they’ve been playing.


Why I Cancelled Loot Crate!

by Oscar Venturaon August 13, 2014
Identifying yourself as a nerd or geek is now easier than ever. Which is ironic, because just a few years ago, nerds were the kids that were constantly made fun of.

Hyrule Warriors – Nintendo Direct

by Oscar Venturaon August 8, 2014
In case you missed Nintendo Direct earlier this week, find it here! Nintendo outlines the upcoming title Hyrule Warriors.


VGMM ’14: Legend of Zelda

by Oscar Venturaon July 31, 2014
So the month has gone by and we’ve given you a nice collection of game music. Hopefully you guys enjoyed all of the songs and continue to realize that it’s not only visuals that make a game, it’s a group effort, and audio is a part of that so we thought to celebrate it during […]

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E3 2014: The Legend of Zelda in 2015!

by Oscar Venturaon June 10, 2014
During Nintendo’s Digital Event today, Producer/Director for The Legend of Zelda, Eiji Aonuma gave us a sneak peak at a new Zelda title. While describing the mountains Aonuma mentioned that you would be able to reach the mountains shown off in the distance.