Hyrule Warriors – Nintendo Direct


In case you missed Nintendo Direct earlier this week, find it here! Nintendo outlines the upcoming title Hyrule Warriors.

Covering gameplay, items, and even characters of the game, Nintendo shows what to expect when Hyrule Warriors releases on September 26, 2014. This is a big deal for Nintendo, it is going to be the first game released in Wii U’s heavy hitting Q4/holiday 2014 season.

Nintendo must have high hopes for Hyrule Warriors, why else would they combine two successful series?

For those living under a rock, Hyrule Warriors blends two series, one is The Legend of Zelda, and the other Dynasty Warriors.

For Wii U owners, this is likely a must own! I mean, is any one else just kind of excited to play as Ganondorf? Being the hero is fun, but sometimes you just have to be the bad guy!

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