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It’s been a while since I last watched Pokémon, and a lot longer since I played any of their games. One thing I will never forget though is the awesome times I had watching the original show after school. So sure, this might not be for everyone, but I do have some friends who are still interested in the characters.

That being said, if you guys have a smart phone, get to downloading the FREE Pokemon TV app!

I checked it out, and was impressed at the quality of the app, its actually really simple and has no ads! The problem with the app is that not every episode is available! Pretty strange because it leaps from season to season and episodes are scattered. So if you plan on watching from the start, this isn’t the way! On the other hand, if you just so happen to feel like watching a random episode, go for it!

They have also added a dedicated section for special features and trailers for upcoming Pokemon movies and games.


Get the Pokémon TV app for FREE

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