The last of the month: Four in February!

I wanted to do a full blown report mid month and everything with this Four in February movement. I support this 100% as I have WAY too many games in my backlog!

Sadly though, this month was a tough one, I tried my best but can only report failure! Between all of the snow that fell in the North East, work, and just random messing around, I couldn’t come to complete the games I listed in the post on the first of the month.

To be fair, I accomplished a few things and the month wasn’t completely wasted. For starters, I need to clear something up when it comes to this movement, the point is the accomplish the game, and not go for the achievements. This was something that took me long to realize, and couldn’t comprehend playing a game without getting achievements, it’s completely against what I’ve been doing for so long! It took some time to get through the fact but at least I managed to cope!


  1. Bioshock is too good to rush
  2. I FUCKING HATE SONY – You should read at least this bullet, what a nightmare.
  3. WWE-All Stars was fun
  4. Mark of the Ninja was amazing
  5. I finally beat the Black Ops 2 Campaign
  6. Instead of playing games I watched and finished all 3 seasons of Workaholics, great show!

The Fails

  • I couldn’t complete Bioshock, I felt like I was doing this game a disservice by trying to rush it, and then rush the 2nd one as well just to complete them. Starting off, it felt like it needed much more of my attention than I was actually giving it, and for that reason alone, I had to stop with those games. This doesn’t mean I don’t plan on completing them, I just rather take my time and adventure off within it, instead of rushing it.
  • This brings me to the PS3 and Journey… I knew what I was getting myself into with the PS3, It hasn’t been powered on in quite some time so I braced myself for the updates, then the updates within those updates, and also downloading of the apps, and updating of said apps…. I hate Sony so much for this. I figured while all of this was going on, I could purchase Journey on their store online, like I do with most of my Xbox Live Arcade titles, I get them online, queue them, and when I get back on the Xbox, I just load and play, easy. Unfortunately, this simple task is difficult for Sony to handle. I went on their online store to purchase the game, and their form would not accept my credit card at all! Two different cards, same invalid card errors. They work just fine everywhere else but I guess they just don’t want my money! I figured let me just download the demo and not blame the developers for their choice on putting the game on such a shitty console. I try to queue the demo and it wont let me via the site. Sure, why would that work if nothing else worked anyways? I go on the console to try and accomplish the same thing, and get network issues! I thought it was me, but everything connected via WiFi was properly functioning other than the PS3. That was it, at that point, it just wasn’t worth any more time, almost 2 hours to get 1 game working! Simply unbelievable for something as simple as getting a game to be this much of a problem.

The Good

  • I successfully accomplished WWE All-Stars, and even reported on that backtrack! Go read it: Click Here!
  • I also completed Mark of the Ninja, a game I plan to report on by next week. Bottom line, it was an amazing game and recommend it highly! Very underrated!
  • Lastly, I also finished the Black Ops 2 Campaign. Something that I didn’t think I would even bother completing, but I figured I would sacrifice the Double Experience weekend that just passed and finish the story, this was a hard decision, but it had to get done! For the sake of everyone partaking in Four in February!

So 3/4 of the goal, I feel good about that, but definitely not accomplished! I know this has nothing to do with gaming, but at least I caught up on all 3 seasons of Workaholics! Time which I should have put towards a game, but it’s hard playing a game for 20 minutes, specially something like Bioshock. I would watch an episode before work, or even before going to sleep, it made it easier to manage. Something that can’t be done in video games, unless its mobile of course.

Overall, a good month in gaming! Next brings March, a glorious time for us here in the North East, specifically to those in Boston, like myself as PAX EAST will be here!

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