The countdown, G4TV has until 2013.

G4tv posted a blog post just minutes ago stating that the network will close up shop at the end of the year. Attack of the Show and X-Play will still air new episodes up until the end of the year. At this point, there are only rumors out there as to what will happen in 2013. The most common rumor is the plan to turn the network into a “Man’s network” with a GQ magazine experience. So what does that mean? Spike TV? More MANSwers? Who knows… we’ll just have to wait and see.

Despite all the hate that G4 has gotten ever since taking over TechTV, I must admit that Attack of the Show and X-Play are great shows. Sure they have flaws, it was definitely no TechTV, but no one is perfect. Definitely give credit when its due, they had coverage of many events like E3, Comic Con, and the Penny Arcade Expo. Sure, all of the information displayed could be found online, sites even streamed the content from these events as well, so why is it a big deal? It was the only network that delivered to the “nerd culture”. There is no other network out there that appeals to the audience. Sure Spike TV has a few elements, but there are a ton of other shows within the network that have nothing to do with gaming. So after 2013 will there be major gaming shows on television?

Things got sketchy after Kevin Pereira left, and then it because extremely suspect after Adam Sessler quit as well. Bottom line is, I hope to see everyone get together again, start up like even, more shows on Rev3, who knows what will happen, but whatever the case, a lot of people will end up without jobs, and that’s never a good thing. Hopefully they keep the majority of the staff for the new network, but we all know that this isn’t too likely to happen.


Source: G4TV Blog

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