Lets get some headshots!

The most amazing show on television…. Anything I say here wouldn’t even do it justice. If you have yet to watch this show, please just stop reading, go on to the AMC Episode Guide and read the re-caps, or go buy the DVD/Blu-Ray to watch this series. We love it, and everyone should give this show a shot! The second season is scheduled to start some time in 2011, our guess is October! Can’t wait!
Not into the television show? Keep reading to get an alternative!

If you’re into Comics, then you must get these! This is where the story comes from and by reading these, you will be ahead of everyone else who’s following the series on tv. The comic series as of Nov 23, 2010 has 13 volumes. Just like books are being made into movies, this comic series has been made in a tv show. With that in mind, be warned if you read the comics, you will be ahead of the series for starters and you will also be surprised at a few changes made to the first season!

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