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The countdown, G4TV has until 2013.

by Oscar Venturaon October 26, 2012
G4tv posted a blog post just minutes ago stating that the network will close up shop at the end of the year. Attack of the Show and X-Play will still air new episodes up until the end of the year.

Gunnar Eyeware!

by Oscar Venturaon March 24, 2011
For as long as I can remember, I’ve been in front of some sort of electronic device, either on a computer, or playing a game on my television. I guess this contributed to me wearing glasses, and later in life contacts. Nowadays, not much has changed, always in front of a computer for personal and […]

Lets get some headshots!

by Oscar Venturaon February 2, 2011
The most amazing show on television…. Anything I say here wouldn’t even do it justice. If you have yet to watch this show, please just stop reading, go on to the AMC Episode Guide and read the re-caps, or go buy the DVD/Blu-Ray to watch this series. We love it, and everyone should give this […]