Kill Dot – Unboxing & Setup

The folks at The Kill Dot sent us a sample pack to review. It’s difficult to just write about something as elusive as The Kill Dot, so we decided to make a video. After watching the video, your next question might be, “does it work?”. I’d reply to that as, it depends on the game. In Halo: Reach you almost always have a crosshair, unless you’re running. It was definitely more useful in Ghost Recon Future Soldier Multiplayer Beta (GRFS). While there is also always a crosshair in GRFS, it’s a big circle and not as precise as the one in Reach. The Kill Dot sat nicely in the middle of GRFS’s crosshair. One final thing to remember is that positioning The Kill Dot will likely be different. For instance, in GRFS The Kill Dot was essentially in the middle of the screen (where you think it should be). But for Halo: Reach, the crosshair is much lower than the middle, more around the bottom 1/3’rd. This means that you can’t just put The Kill Dot on your TV once and have it be calibrated for every game. So if you play a lot of different games, you’ll have to re-adjust The Kill Dot frequently.

The Kill Dot Unboxing & Setup:

Also, if you guys want to see more exact stats, here is a link to my recent Halo: Reach games. All of the games I played on 4/24/2012 were with The Kill Dot. Overall I was +50 on my KD spread. I didn’t include the first game (oldest) on 04/24/2012 in that number. Two members from my team quit and the other team spawn camped. But even if you include it, my KD spread would be +37.

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