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Team Meat announced new game!

by on November 9, 2012

After watching Indie Game: The Movie I instantly added everyone involved on twitter just to keep up with anything new they put out there. Why? Simply because they have simple games, at affordable prices, and best of all, they are fun!

To my surprise, last night Edmund McMillen from Team Meat tweeted out a website pointing to Mew-Genics, the title of their new game! The name threw me off instantly, as I thought it was just someone just talking about Pokemon or maybe just something scientific. Revisiting the tweet a little later on, it turned out to be a site with the image you see above, a simple placeholder for their next project.

As it stands, there isn’t much information on the game, but it does look like many cats have died as portrayed by their halos. Every cat goes to heaven right? Maybe this game will show us how, or why… maybe a rogue devil cat will spawn… who knows, only time will tell!

for those unaware, mew-genics is the next official Team Meat game, website = http://mew-genics.com/ ~@EdmundMcMillenn