Star Wars Kinect Limited Edition Xbox 360 for $449.99

This morning I headed down to Nerd HQ which is just a couple blocks from the San Diego Comic Con for Major Nelson’s Tweet Up. There were a bunch of Xbox’s set up with the Kinect title Gunstringer and of course Gears of War 3 Horde 2.0. After Major’s introduction, he said that there’d be something really cool coming up a bit later. So I stuck around and what we got to see what was definitely worth the wait. A totally tricked out Star Wars Xbox 360, with a 320GB hard drive, a white Kinect sensor, a copy of Star Wars Kinect, and Kinect Adventures. There’s a video and more pics after the break.

The console itself is designed after R2-D2. It’s blue and white, and the Xbox’s green LEDs have been replaced by awesome blue ones (the Kinect sensor’s power LED is still green :/). There are power on and tray opening R2-D2 sounds, and we can’t forget about the controller. The controller is designed after C-3PO. An all gold front controller, with the new D-Pad, and wires near the headset jack to mimic C-3PO’s midsection. The bundle comes out later this year (whenever Star Wars Kinect is set to launch), and will retail for $449.99, which is a steal! Overall, this is an awesome bundle that not only Star Wars fans will cherish, but any collector or new Xbox owner will also love.

Even more details with a lot of high res pics can be found at Major Nelson’s Blog.

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