Relax and enjoy some games on your browser!


Ever miss the days of NES and SNES games? Remember blowing into them cartridges? How about we forget all of that and just play through our browsers!

NESbox gives us that freedom! With over 3,600 games available for both Nintendo, and Super Nintendo, they also show options for Sega Mega Drive and GameBoy Advance but are currently disabled. This is a work and progress and they will release that soon.

The issue I see here is that I doubt the site will stay up very long as I can’t imagine it being legal, they are emulated roms after all. Just look at what happened to Full Screen Mario.

As it currently stands NESbox has over 9,000 players! There is also multiplayer support, and I must admit playing some Mario Kart and Donkey Kong Country on SNES brought back some great memories.

Anyways, go ahead, waste the rest of your work day enjoying some old school games! Just a warning though, the keyboard on SNES doesn’t play very well so either modify the keys, or just play with a controller to make life better.

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Oscar Ventura

Oz plays Rocket League and is very bad at it, but at least he tries. As long as there are games to talk about, he's in his happy place.

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