Raptr Launches “Gaming Rep” (aka. Achievements)

All of us here at DRUl use Raptr to track our gameplay time. In fact, we conveniently place our Raptr profile cards on DRUL so you can stalk follow our gaming habits. Today Raptr launched a major redesign including a new stat system which features “Gaming Rep”. Gaming Rep compares your playtime against everyone else’s. There are six levels, Newbie, Amateur, Experienced, Dedicated, Hardcore, Elite. Check out the rest of the article for screenshots and a breakdown of the new system.

Since each game is tracked independently, there are rankings for each game. From the graphic above, the tiers are pretty self-explanatory. If you’re in the bottom 20%, you’re a Newbie. Top 10%, you’re Elite. While this in and of itself is nothing special, the ‘hook’ of the ranking system is it tells you how many hours you need to get to the next level. But there’s another hook, just because you’re Elite one day, doesn’t mean you’ll stay that way. People can keep playing a game even though you stop, and what was the top 10%, may not be “Experienced” (top 60%). So if you want to keep your rank up, you have to keep playing!

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Another new feature is the easily scrollable “Highlight Box”. You can quickly switch through all of your games in reverse chronological order to see how you stack up. For example, in the above two pictures, I’m Elite in Red Alert 3, but only Experienced in Crysis. Since I’m already the top rank in Red Alert 3, Raptr tells me I need 1,827 more hours to be the #1 player. Likewise, since I’m Experienced in Crysis, I need 2 more hours to reach Dedicated.

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Last but not least is the new overall stat system. This reminds me a lot of the Xbox Live Stats that came out almost exactly one year ago. The main difference being that Raptr includes all platforms you give it permission to track. So it has my PC, Xbox, and PS3 games. Comparisons include time played versus your friends, and how many games and achievements you have for each platform versus the entire Raptr population. Other stats are genre breakdown of games you’ve played.

That wraps up all of the new Raptr updates. If you don’t have Raptr, we encourage you to sign up and start following us!

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