More loot on the go: Borderlands Legends

The big hit that is Borderlands has taken over the console market, and now it wants to take a bite out of the mobile experience as well! I can personally say that both Borderlands titles have been amazing and to my surprise they will go mobile on iOS.
[divider] The game is scheduled to come out October 31, 2012 for $4.99 on iPhone and $6.99 on iPad. Which leaves me to question, Wheres the Android love?! I hope to see it come out some time soon as the screenshots look amazing!

[tabgroup][tab title=”The Original Bunch”]

Not only do the original characters make a return, but I also see the famous Marcus Bobble Head! Damn how I miss those in Borderlands 2![/tab] [tab title=”LOOT!”]

It seems like it will have the same old feel we are all accustomed to, and the weapons each have stats so that could only mean that there will be plenty of randomly generated goodies dropping! As far as the “bazillion” it is highly unlikely but who knows![/tab] [tab title=”New look”]

With a similar art style but with a new perspective, we are removed from the world of First Person and put on an aerial view of our Vault Hunters with a new way to play optimized for the touch screen and mobile experience.


I simply can’t wait to see this on Android! Make it happen!

[box_light]More Info: Official 2K Games Blog[/box_light]
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