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Mindblowing Skrillex Game

by on November 29, 2012

For all of those who saw Wreck It Ralph, we have all seen the wonderful side of glitches. We also saw a small cameo of Skrillex in that flick… So why not take those two, blend them together!

Artist Jason Oda did just that, he created a game where a Link type hero slays glitches taking over the world, all while saving his princess! The game features a wide variety of sounds from the ‘Prince of Dubstep’ Skrillex. It is extremely fun for how simple it is, and even if your not a dubstep fan, but your a gamer, check this out as it is a great piece of artwork. It a few gameplay styles from the Legend of Zelda, to The Binding of Isaac, and a few others I cant quite figure out but I’m sure there are more!