Last Encounter | PAX East 2018

Last Encounter is co-op mayhem on your screen, and that’s not a bad thing!

Going into Last Encounter, I had no idea that loot is shared between all 4 players. Then again I also didn’t expect to have to work together to further advance on the map. These are all important aspects of Last Encounter as playing solo would be challenging. In order to help my team, I purchased a gattling gun. Then I started to get yelled at, supposedly that gattling gun was too expensive and left my teammates without any money, whoops! After that, everyone started to communicate and agree how to spend our money.

To make your way through Last Encounter, items need to be collected and you’ll also need a portal to advance into the next zone. We needed 3 keys and a portal. Two keys and the portal were easily found, but we had a lot of trouble getting the last key. Picture Ikaruga style bullet mayhem while being pulled and pushed by gravity orbs, the struggle was real, but so was the fun!

Last Encounter is expected to launch Q2 2018 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC and macOS.

If you can’t wait to play Last Encounter, closed beta sign-ups are available now at

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