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Bake N’ Switch | PAX East 2020

How much dough can you sacrifice to the Guardians of Dough before they get taken over by the mold? Well, during PAX East 2020 Streamline Games was in attendance with Bake ‘n Switch, a cute couch co-op and PVP game where you help combine dough...

DRULcast 261: Raid-y or Not!

The guys got together this week to watch some football and enjoy some food, but quickly this quickly turned into a Pokemon Raid party instead. Although its fun to play online, there is just something about getting together and gaming that does not...


Sometimes in life you wish you could press the rewind button and go with a different option. Sometimes even that decision is the wrong one, but when you’re a methodical samurai-type character, everything must be precise, that’s what...

DRULcast #204 – Decisions

From breaking controllers to writing scripts, this week the guys go on a journey. Seems like Oz surprised Jack with his new found love of FMV experiences. For full details on what was discussed, read the show notes below!