Keep an eye out: Fast-paced action platformer; Bacon Man


Self-declared sex symbol, Bacon Man is the the heir to the Meat Throne, yeah…that caught my attention too.

Keep an eye out for Bacon Man during the Festival of Indie Games in Boston, September 13, 2014. Developers Skymap Games is showcasing their game which features Bacon Man, in a 3D side scrolling platformer with some gunplay added in for good measure.

The game features a guy made of bacon who is seeking revenge on other food groups for the murder of his grandfather, King Roast Beef aka Ghost Beef. Inspired by the likes of Earthworm Jim, Raymand series, and Mega Man X, this game sure does look fun!

As discussed in plenty of episodes of DRULcast, we love food around here so why not spread the love between a few slices of bread and enjoy Bacon Man.

We look forward to providing additional information once we get our hands on with the game at Boston FIG, get your tickets and meet us there!


Level 1 of Alpha Build

More info: & Skymap Games

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