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Halo CE Anniversary Will Be ‘Better With Kinect’

by on June 24, 2011

When Kinect and a title like Halo are put into the same sentence, fanboys (and girls) break out into a tizzy. So as any loyal fanperson (boys + girls?) would do, they demand answers, NOW! Thankfully someone from 343 Studios namely ‘bs angel’ has replied to the fanpeople:

Just to let everybody know, the Kinect features we’re exploring with Halo: Anniversary are optional and won’t affect your core gameplay experience. Our mission, from day one, has been to deliver a faithful recreation of the original game, and we remain dedicated to seeing that through to completion.

Similarly, we don’t know how Halo CE Anniversary will utilize Kinect. It may just be voice commands, or maybe some customization aspect like Ghost Recon Future Soldier is employing. Although, since Halo CE Anniversary is launching on Nov. 15th, 2011, expect more details to surface on its Kinect integration real soon.

Source: bs angel on Halo Waypoint Forums