Guardians of Middle-earth Release date!

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, from here on out referred to as MOBA, has taken the PC scene by storm! With games like League of Legends, and the upcoming currently in closed beta Smite, how would games like these perform on console?

Guardians of Middle-earth is set to release December 4, 2012 for PSN, and “later in Fall” for XBLA, as stated on twitter. The release date for this game also coincides with the release of The Hobbit: Part 1, December 14, 2012. Even the box art states, “Featuring characters from The Hobbit Trilogy”.

The game will be on sale for $15 as a digital download but there will also be a Retail copy of the game which will cost $30. This copy of the game is set to include a redeem token for all DLC, but there is no say on how much of a discount it will be since there is no say as to how many extra parts of content will be included, and there is also no price for said “season pass”.

Check out some screens and a video featuring character profiles within the game for Beregond and Felgrom.

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