Gears of War 3 Pre-Orders Surpass 1 Million, 1.29 Million Played Beta

Epic announced that Gears of War 3 has surpassed 1 million pre-orders, which is the fastest ever in the Xbox 360’s history. Looks like the beta isn’t just going to help Epic make a better game, but it is also going to help them sell more copies. As a big fan of Gears, this is really exciting to see. There’s a bunch of stats after the break!

  • 1.29 million people participated in the Beta
  • 145 different countries participated in the beta
  • 249 years worth of matches played
  • More than 11 million matches completed
  • More than 927 million kills recorded
  • More than 131 million executions performed
  • More than 23 million deaths by chainsaw
  • Nearly 23 billion bullets fired
  • 4.9 billion ribbons and 291M medals earned
  • 435K people earned the Beta exclusive Thrashball Cole skin to use in the retail game when it launches in September
  • 234K people earned the Beta exclusive Gold Retro Lancer to use in the retail game when it launches in September
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