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DRULCast #23 – What’s next, August – September

by on August 16, 2011

In this weeks episode, we discuss a lot of what is to come, and what we might get from the remainder of August, and all of September. I’m sure there are a few games we failed to mention, but for the most part these are what we thought to be the big titles. Hit the jump for the list of games we go through, and to see their release dates.


Age of Empires online 8 / 16

Gears of War 3 collectors Controller 8/16

Deus EX 8/23

Bodycount 8/30

Madden 12 8/30


Dead Island 9/6
Resistance 3 9/6

3DS “flame red” red and black 9/9
XBOX 360 slim Vault GoW3 edition 9/9
Star Fox 64 3D 9/9

Gunstringer 9/13

Gears of War 3 9/20

The ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Collection 9/27