DRULCast #18 – He’s back! for a week! BOOM!

There’s a lot of things going on in this episode, in short, we have a little bit of Call of Duty, Comic Jumper, Dead Block, Alice Madness Returns, and more! Read the rest for the full summary!

So we meet again! Erick returns to do the DRULcast after his basic training, and we catch up on his gaming adventures while being away. What better way to welcome someone than to play a couple of rounds of Call of Duty with them? Honestly he just missed us and wanted to sit in on this weeks show. Jack kicks this episode off with a bit of Comic Jumper (4:04). Then goes all out gangsta with DEF JAM Rap Star (5:11). We also tease a bit of next weeks episode, shh! (6:50).

As always, Jack has some awesome news to share with you DRULers and the Catherine demo is one of them (7:15). Not only did he have that one which of course has had some really great interest in the DRUL HQ, but he also mentioned Dead Block! This game was completely under radar, and might had slipped away from me had I not seen this post! Check out what Erick, and myself think about this game (8:30).

Towards the end of our show, TRY to get into some Alice Madness Returns (17:09) but the story gets derailed when we get into online specific achievements and Multiplayer Passes like the Mortal Kombat Pass or even the one in Homefront (18:44). Its alright though, we catch back up on Alice (27:24) where like always I mention an extremely good deal that is no longer valid, but hopefully others managed to get on those deals! One thing that I’m remembering now about this order, that I forgot to mention during the recording was that Amazon also sent me “Alice: The Madness Returns Music” because I had pre-ordered the game! It’s basically a collection of ten songs from the game. Which just like the visuals of this game, the songs are amazing!
Thanks for listening! Tune in next week!

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Oscar Ventura

Oz plays Rocket League and is very bad at it, but at least he tries. As long as there are games to talk about, he's in his happy place.

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