Call of Duty XP – Sep. 2011!

Just announced this morning, a real life Call of Duty two day event is going down from September 2nd – 3rd (Labor Day Weekend) in Los Angeles, CA. The event will have playable stations for every single Call of Duty game (yes, including Modern Warfare 3), there’ll be a $1 Milllion Tournament (32 teams, 4 players/team), a real life playable paintball setup of Scrapyard, grab snacks at Burger Town, check out the reveal of Call of Duty Elite, and hit up the Call of Duty Armory, which is a museum dedicated to every weapon and accessory in the Call of Duty franchise. Tickets go on sale July 19th and are only available as two day passes at the pretty cost of $150. Seems a bit expensive but all proceeds go to Call of Duty Endowment NPO, which helps veterans find work. So are you ready for the ultimate Call of Duty XP (experience)?

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