Boston Festival of Indie Games returns to MIT!


It’s coming back! Are you in the Boston area and sad that PAX East ended? Well let’s take that experience and make it more indie! Boston FIG will be here September 13, 2014!

I missed the first year, but after hearing of all of the fun that was had, there was NO way I was going to miss the second. I had a blast, met a ton of cool people, played a bunch of free games, and best of all? It’s FREE!
Although details aren’t fully released just yet, other than it will be in the same location (MIT Stratton Student Center & Johnson Athletic Center) I do hope it remains free.

From meeting the developers and bumping into them on the way to closing ceremonies (Figgie’s!) It’s a blast to play their games, provide feedback and know that they are there to take it in person, instead of an online beta test where you have to submit a report which could be over looked.

Hope to see you guys there!

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