Black Tusk Studios formerly Microsoft Vancouver acquires Gears of War from EPIC Games


Epic games sold the rights to the Gears of Wars series to what was once Microsoft Vancouver; now known as Black Tusk Studios.

Any rumors that had to do with the series making an appearance on anything Sony, now squashed. With Microsoft owning the rights, it won’t make it there, sorry!

Now to those a bit confused about the news as the game has only been released by Microsoft, here is the breakdown. Since the introduction of the series back in 2006, Epic games developed the game and Microsoft published it. Now that Epic sold the rights to the franchise, Microsoft pretty much cut out the middle man and will both develop and publish it via their own studio, Black Tusk.

That being said, how exiting is this news really? Judgment was a complete flop for any hardcore fan since the departure of many Epic employees like Mike Capps, Rod Fergusson, and even Cliff Bleszinski.

The complete shocker of this story is the fact that Rod Fergusson, who was once the Director of Production at Epic Games, and also the Executive VP of Development Irrational Games, is now on board with Black Tusk Studios as Studio Manager. His twitter bio states he is working on Gears of War again!

Is this enough to bring life back to a series we once knew? Or perhaps just a bad investment for Microsoft who should have just cut the rope on dead weight?


[box_light]UPDATE: Cliff Bliszinski took it to his tumblr to speak out on the acquisition, short read but to the point!

Highlights: He won’t be working on the new Gears, as he is focused on the future, although it is giving him something to look forward to on the Xbox One other than Titanfall and Project Spark.

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