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DRULcast #197 – Stream Sniping

Oz officially dives back into Fortnite. Then we are divided on the hot topic of stream sniping in PUBG. Onto a shared love and hate for LawBreakers. New levels in Hacktag, and what game does Oz randomly decide to play on Steam?

DRULCast #28 – No Stealing!

Hello! This week we try to go back to the norm but Jack had to mess with my intro! A lot of things discussed! VUDU, 10,000,000, Battle Block Theater, and a potential new game studio we could only dream about! Only two matches from Black Ops 2...

Farewell Cliff Bleszinski!

Everyone sees Cliff Bleszinski aka Cliffy B as the father of Gears of War, and its sad that this is what everyone attaches his name to, why? Well simply put, the man is also responsible for the Unreal Tournament franchise. A game that means a lot to...

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