Windows Phone 7 – Doodle God

It is obvious that we here love ourselves some achievements, so why not dive into some mobile gaming to get them as well? I remember playing this game called Alchemy a while back which is pretty much identical to this game Doodle God. Simply put you start off with basic elements, Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and you mix all of them to come out with new elements, to then get animals, tools, people, and even creatures like zombies and ghouls. This game is an ultimate time killer and it will take you a while to get all of the achievements if your playing the legitimate way, but of course, in the event you just want to get them, you can simply find a list of the elements, follow it and get them. For me though, I rather play it once through to see how long its going to take me to accomplish, and so far, its kicking my ass, but its a good time killer. Each element found is like an achievement unlocked within itself!
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There are flash versions available for this game for free online, simply do a search for Doodle God!

But for those hunting the achievements or looking for a good way to kill some time on your Windows Phone, you can pick up the game for $2.99 from the Marketplace found here: Doodle God™ –
This game has 18 Achievements for a total of 200, most of which could be gotten with just one play through! Be sure to read the list of achievements before playing to find out how!

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