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Google Pays Me To Play Games!

by Oscar Venturaon March 13, 2018
How many times have you purchased a game or app from the Play Store? A dollar here, a dollar there? It might not be much, but eventually it all adds up! Except when Google provides you with money to spend, it’s even better!

Windows Phone 7 – Doodle God

by Oscar Venturaon February 2, 2012
It is obvious that we here love ourselves some achievements, so why not dive into some mobile gaming to get them as well? I remember playing this game called Alchemy a while back which is pretty much identical to this game Doodle God. Simply put you start off with basic elements, Fire, Water, Air, Earth, […]

How much for 1600 Microsoft points?

by Oscar Venturaon January 26, 2012
WHO CARES! Why? Because by the end of the year, Microsoft will end their campaign for points. Let’s get it very clear, we already know the value of the points, but we get sick of calculating it. Arcade titles from $5 to $15, how simple is that? This is great news for just about everyone […]