Two things every new League of Legends player should know!


Influenced by the top moments in season 3 post, I decided to contribute some help to new players. Now I know I’m not a professional League of Legends player, and I’m also well aware that I’m not the best at the game. But I have picked up a few things in my time playing the game.

With this game being one of the most popular free to play games out there, everyone should go in with a small bit of knowledge because there is some fierce competition out there. Here are a few things to help you succeed.

  • 1. Last Hitting
  • Simply put don’t waste your time attacking the minions, just let your own minions do all the work, then when you notice that their health is low, move in for the attack. This way you gain the gold for it, all while being aware of your surroundings. This may seem like a simple tip but it is much harder than it seems at first. The obvious move will be for you to rush in and kill them all. This causes a few things to happen though.

    For starters you might lose out on the last hit and another minion will get it, leaving you with less cash flow. The next is that it will rush your minions to the enemy turret, which yes…that IS the point, but when their minions show up, you will be left without any backup being near the enemy turret.

    Keeping the fight in the mid-point gives you better cash flow and you’ll be able to time the push to their turret a lot better. The best part about getting the timing right on this is that you could also use it to your advantage when the enemy tries to ambush, it gives you a safer escape plan towards your side as well.

  • 2. Aware of the Map
  • As mentioned above with last hitting, you will need to be aware of what is going on around you. This is one is tricky because there is so much going on around you. There are boosts in located around the map which could be used to your advantage, but most importantly, you’ll need to at least have a general idea as to where your enemies are. The general gameplay for this is two players take the top lane, two on the bottom, and one in the middle. This applies to just about every game you play unless you have someone in the jungle looking for the boosts. This is where you need to use the pings.

    The start of the game you’ll be able to see every player get into position, from here you’ll need to keep an eye out for who you are up against, as these two people are always going to be there, on occasion they will swap with someone else, just make sure this is called out too. The pings come in handy when you notice that someone is missing on the lane. This typically means they are preparing for an attack!

  • Extra – Try out different champions!
  • I cannot stress how important this is! Like most Role Playing Games, you have your go to class. Personally, I enjoy attacking from a distance, but that doesn’t mean that you’re like me. There are other champions who fight up close with melee weapons. Given that Riot Games rotates their champions weekly, you’ll have a few options to choose from and get good at.

    The point is to try them all out, find out who you like playing with, get maybe two or three favorites, and buy them! Take a shortcut and just pay real money for them, but remember you always have the option of just saving up your points and purchasing a champion with the earnings for free. Though it will take a while, remember, it’s all experience! Win or loss, just play and have fun!

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