State of Decay Lifeline! PAX East impressions and Screenshots!


The second downloadable content for State of Decay titled Lifeline is scheduled to launch early June 2014.

Now we did get a chance to check this out during PAX East 2014 and it is amazing! So much so that while talking to one of the programmers, Chris, he mentioned “Damn, you make this game look good!” Whether or not he was pulling my leg is beyond me, but definitely made me feel bad ass showcasing the game! We tried hard to get the scoop on what is next for Undead Labs, and although we didn’t get a definitive answer, just mentioning co-op put a glimmer in Chris’ eyes! He fought us hard on spilling anything, but only time will tell! We can however focus on the now, and that is Lifeline!

This will be Undead Labs first time adding DLC to their game that is a complete different story from the original launch title. Although a different story, the killer gameplay does not change from hunting zombies, protecting civilians and just outright fun at the expense of zombie flesh all around you.

We look forward to playing this in the comfort of our own homes when it launches in early June! Playing it during PAX East felt like a real zombie outbreak was behind us with all the attendees!

As for what Lifeline will feature, here are a few key points, and screenshots.

It will include New Characters! While civilization collapses around you, you take on the part of a military unit named Greyhound One, trying to keep things in tact. Each of the characters will feature their own background, set of skills, and weaknesses as well.

With this comes New Missions! As a part of Greyhound One, your mission is to protect civilians with a scientific background, as your superiors believe they are able to explain and prevent the mysterious outbreak. The question is however, what choices will you make considering there are many others dying all around you.

The story of Lifeline takes place at the beginning of the outbreak which occur before State of Decay.

Of course being a part of the Military gives you access to new Base Facilities! These give you new weapons and defensive options.

Lifeline also includes a new way to play, where you are placed in a situation where you have to protect target civilians until they can be evacuated via helicopter. Sounds easy? Nope! There will be increasingly intense waves of zombies coming at you. If the time runs out, or the civilians are killed, you lose everything!

For more information on State of Decay Lifeline visit Undead Labs!

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