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Sunset Overdrive Gameplay Trailer, Screens & Concept Art!

by Jack Wageron May 15, 2014
Much hasn’t been said about Sunset Overdrive since its announcement at E3 2013. But over the last week, there has been a ton of new videos, screens and concept art. We’re throwing all of the recent content into one huge post. Doing all the hard work so you don’t have to, enjoy!

State of Decay Lifeline! PAX East impressions and Screenshots!

by Oscar Venturaon April 25, 2014
The second downloadable content for State of Decay titled Lifeline is scheduled to launch early June 2014.

Max Payne 3’s First PC Screenshots

by Jack Wageron February 24, 2012
Rockstar has been hard at work on GTA V, and another game called Max Payne 3. Max Payne 3 was supposed to be released in late 2011, however it was pushed back to May 2012. There’s been relatively little information about Max Payne 3, especially since it’s coming out in just a few months. Although, […]

Darksiders II Unleashes Screens & Vids

by Jack Wageron January 28, 2012
The last few days has been a media frenzy for Darksiders II. They haven’t released a lot of textual information, but there’s been a ton of screens. So we’ve decided to just put it all together in this one post. All assets are past the break, enjoy!

Soul Calibur V times 4 Screens (That’s 20)

by Jack Wageron January 24, 2012
There’s not much to write here, just enjoy the 20 Soul Calibur V screenshots 🙂 Also, as a friendly reminder, Soul Calibur V is released on January 31st, 2012 in North America, and February 3rd, 2012 in Europe!