Respawn Does Updates Right!


It’s no surprise that a game gets updated as time goes on from balancing issues, to game types that are favored over others. But what Respawn Entertainment does different is it includes other content with it.

As I’ve mentioned plenty of times on DRULcast, I rather play any Call of Duty game over Battlefield. Yes, I am that guy, hate me or love me, that is something that will never change, deal with it! That is not to say I will play favorites because as mentioned in many episodes, like most I’ve made the switch to Titanfall, maybe not the full switch because I occasionally enjoy a few rounds of CoD, but you get the picture.
Lately when logging onto Ghosts I’ve been seeing a ton of new options, from quick class set ups to complete challenges faster, to skins, and now even additional voice over. The problem started before Ghosts came out, within a discussion where the majority of the people I play this game with. They all mentioned they are going to get the Season Pass on day one, weeks later I come to realize that I was the lone wolf in making such a purchase. What a mistake! Maps I barely play, guns banned on ‘Clan vs Clan’ as it doesn’t fit E-Sports rules. Then I thought, oh well, at least I’ll have all of the skins, voice over, and cosmetics to go with my purchase, so in a way I had convinced myself it was OK. Boy was I wrong… I only get the maps! Cosmetics are extra, Voice Overs extra, everything from $1.99 and up.
Come a few days ago and Respawn Entertainment issued a explaining whats coming in Patch 4 in Titanfall. To my surprise, we get new content in terms of Burn Cards to be used for your Titan, additional voice over options for your Titan’s OS, Insignia for your Titan which show off your accomplishments, challenge tracking, a new game mode and best of all more achievements!

Granted the achievements come with the purchase of the Download Content, but already above and beyond the experience I got with Call of Duty.

[icons icon=”icon-thumbs-up” size=”25″]Thank you Respawn for showing how it should be done![icons icon=”icon-check” size=”25″]
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