Raid: World War II |PAX East 2017

We got a chance to check out RAID: World War II at PAX East; a game that is being developed by Lion Game Lion, a studio that has been developing DLC for Payday 2. Here are our thoughts on the game.

For starters, I went into this not knowing anything about the game, and listeners of DRULcast know that we’re fans of Payday 2. So as soon as one of the devs asked me what I thought of the game I said, “It’s has a Payday 2 vibe!”

RAID: World War II is a four-player co-op game where you’re fighting against Nazi’s to take their gold. In the PAX East demo we had to fight our way up a bridge as waves of enemies just kept on coming. Once we arrived we had to plant explosives in order to stop a train from passing through. Lastly, once the train arrived we had to break in to steal the gold. Afterward, the objective was to take the gold to our waiting escape vehicle waiting below. raid-pax17-2Luckily for the group, we were each equipped with parachutes to just jump off the bridge. All of that while Nazi soldiers kept spawning in and attacking made this game feel like a good mixture of players would be needed to accomplish the objectives. Two players tackling the objectives while the other two provided cover fire would be ideal, and as always communication is key.

It was a short demo as most are at PAX East but LionGameLion made us aware that there were going to be plenty of customization options, a campaign that will string one mission to the next, single player options and a bunch of weapon modifications including parts and visual components all based on personal preference.

RAID: World War II will be released on Xbox One, PS4 and PC but there has been no release date confirmed.

Official Site for Raid: World War II

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