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Raid: World War II |PAX East 2017

by Oscar Venturaon March 15, 2017
We got a chance to check out RAID: World War II at PAX East; a game that is being developed by Lion Game Lion, a studio that has been developing DLC for Payday 2. Here are our thoughts on the game.

DRULcast #119 – Live Stream Microtransactions

by Oscar Venturaon October 27, 2015
Oz runs the show solo with Mark as a special guest! It was supposed to be a short discussion on the Payday 2/Overkill microtransactions dilemma, however Oz decided to interview Mark on the current state of live streaming video games and the future of Instagib.TV.

DRULcast #109 – AA; Amiibo Anonymous

by Oscar Venturaon August 4, 2015
The majority of this episode is based on Amiibos and Windows 10. Interested? Tune in!

From PAYDAY 2 to The Walking Dead with Overkill and Skybound

by Oscar Venturaon August 13, 2014
Finally a Walking Dead game I should be able to support other than the series brought to us by Tell Tale Games!