Is it on me?!! Augmented Reality T-Shirt!

Some pretty cool footage of a trees, dragons, and Mii’s coming out of this dudes chest! The 3DS makes this all possible with Augmented Reality, you basically aim the camera at anything with that card and a menu will pop up with options on different things to do. Think of it as a simple QR code that we have on just about everywhere and you can pull out your smart phone to get more information out of it. This works essentially the same way, I imagine these cards will pop up in magazines and advertisements everywhere once people start picking up on its concept. Imagine being on a bus ride home killing a dragon in there! Looks so cool!
Check out the video after the break for a better visual of the Augmented Reality T-Shirt in action.

Interested in picking up a T-shirt? Check out and pick one up for just under $20!

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