Customer Service at most big Electronic Retailers

Previously I noted that I was going to switch to digital only… but staying true to the guideline I set for myself following this, I needed to pick up this game up because of its limited edition goodness. I’m going to be as vague as possible as to not point fingers as I enjoy this store quite a bit, and I understand that it was a crazy day for them with releases.

Upon showing up I knew I was in for mayhem as there was a crazy deal going on, but I figured I would try to pick up my game any way as I couldn’t wait any longer to play it. I go to the game section and find absolutely nothing. I walk around for a few minutes and I can’t even find anyone to help me out, at this point I’ve been there a good 10 minutes. I decided enough of this let me go to the customer service area to perhaps get some help. Due to their being a sale, a lot of people must have opted to pick up in store, which shares the line with Customer Service.

I figured this is insane, I’m leaving.

As I was headed out the door, I was stopped by a representative who asked me if I had found everything…What an idiotic question considering I have no bag on my hand. I said no and asked if he could help me. The solution he provided me with was to check the game area. No kidding? I was there and had no luck, so his next response was, “Oh well, it must be sold out.” Really? I find it hard to believe, without checking the computer for inventory, or without calling someone who works in the appropriate department he quickly went to that conclusion.

That’s retail for you! I’ve been there, I’ve worked holiday hours, it sucks, but it also sucks to not help out people properly. So I figured I’d push my luck and ask, if they could help me find it. Sure enough he goes with me to the game section, and pawns me off to a representative in that are, I’m fine with that, at least this person will have better knowledge of their inventory.

About 15 minutes in at this point, the girl who’s in charge of the area helps me look around, with no luck as well. She goes on the computer for me and sure enough says, we should have 12 of them in stock, but unfortunately none are on display, on launch day, how does that make any sense? She tells me to hold on for a few minutes while she looks out back. I walk around staying close to the counter while I see how many people get helped before I do. She returns empty handed and then tells me that she isn’t part of that department, but she’s going to find it for me. This is now 30 minutes in to my journey and I figured at this point, I might as well wait it out to see how long this is going to take. She goes from person to person trying to find it for me with no luck, 40 minutes. She seems new…seasonal help perhaps, so I felt bad being angry, despite feeling extremely upset. Finally she tells me, forget it, I’m going to the warehouse outback to get it myself! I don’t know how this store operates, but I think she didn’t have proper clearance to do as such, but I was happy for her initiative.

It was now officially 50 minutes since entering the location for ONE single game…I think I saw enough transactions being done on that register that if I had on the uniform, I could have been processing orders for them at this point. Finally the girl shows up with a stack of games, she brought all of them out! Despite spending just about an hour for a damn game, and being upset, at least someone took initiative to help out.

What I’m trying to get at is, make the damn digital switch, this experience could have been avoided completely. I hate retail, and I can’t believe people put up with things like this…

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